About Us

Sweet 180 is a New York based talent management and production company that is run by President, Lillian LaSalle.

We’ve been in the business for over 20 years, representing award-winning talent across all platforms – film, television and theater.

With our boutique sized client list, we tend to attract artists who want to be part of a creative family and who are creating and sustaining multi-hyphenate careers. Our cutting edge clients include actors, authors, directors, playwrights, screenwriters, composers and producers. Our industry has changed significantly over the last ten years. Sweet 180 has been at the helm of that change in turning acting clients into content creators, as well as embracing what is possible in the age of the power of social media and the multitude of platforms available, between television streaming services and basic cable for a vast opportunity for work within the industry both in front of and behind the camera.

Of course, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. Although the extreme importance of this has sadly only been highlighted recently, this has been our tenet since day one in 1998.

Our approach to management is very personal. Talent needs are met where the client currently is. Our goal is to catapult each client to new levels of success, starting with developing careers as well as working with seasoned, known artists. We achieve this through conversation, many of them, growing and changing with the client as the industry as a whole learns to embrace them with our guidance and connections.

We care about how we conduct ourselves in the world of entertainment. It is our number one priority to treat our colleagues and our clients with the respect they deserve and work toward fair business practices in the areas of negotiation and conflict resolution.

Each client has a creative team and we are all about teamwork. From agents, to lawyers, to public relations companies, to directors and producers, we have a reputation for being problem solvers and proactive in our communications. Our goal is always to “lift up” in a business that is, at its core, incredibly challenging. Advocating on behalf of our clients is our specialty. As well as making sure that the relationships that we all must rely on are always respected.

And finally, Sweet 180 is exciting. We are a smaller office by choice. We want intimacy and fluidity. Sweet 180 has an unquestionable competitive edge. What we achieve in one day can only be believed by spending a day in our office.

We look forward to working with you.

Mi casa es su casa. At Sweet 180, our space is important to us. We’ve created an office that is inviting and warm. The office is available for clients to stop by anytime, and they do. Sometimes it’s to say hello and others, to just stop for a while to relax, read a book, or work on material. We love that Sweet 180 serves as a little bit of a respite from the busy city streets. We also have a taping room and an edit suite.